Base Rate

45 min = € 15 (minimum service)  
for each additional 15 minutes, an extra charge of € 5 applies  

vehicle use fare € 4  
outside the metropolitan area of Lisbon € 0,36/km + tolls

Pre-paid Card

The best choice for companies and frequent clients
10% discount over the base rates

Alternative to the conventional payment methods
Faster solution: one invoice + one payment = several errands

Gift Card

Offer errands to your friends, relatives and colleagues
More time and quality of life for those you care about

Value of the Gift Card = € 30 = 1h30 of errands
Expires 1 year after being issued


Special prices for our friends with 4 paws, fins or wings

monday to sunday - 9 AM to 7 PM = € 15
monday to sunday - 7 PM to 9 AM) = € 18

Pre-paid Card also applicable
These rates are valid for the metropolitan area of Lisbon, from monday to friday, 9 AM – 6:30 PM

Weekends, outside the areas and working days/hours above, a bespoke quote will be provided.
All rates above include VAT.