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Jorge Nazaré


Thanks 'Moço de Recados'! Another year gone and the tradition was once again repeated: the 'bolo-rei' has already arrived to my home!!! And most importantly, still warm :)

Products / Patisserie

Sara Rocha


I needed lubricant for my bike and in two hours it was delivered! My only regret is to not have heard of 'Moço de Recados' earlier, now everything is simpler!

Errands / Moving around

Sarah Ashby


Your technician was highly professional and efficient. We were very pleased.

Services / Air conditioning

Sancha Trindade

Author of the blog 'A Cidade na Ponta dos Dedos'

The best and most human delivery service in town.

Errands / Other services

Rita Fão


I met 'Moço de Recados' when I interviewed him some months ago for a television show I work for. He came across as extremely professional (a great interviewee I might add), went along with every request we made, achieving the feat to meet the schedules of his own professional commitments, always in good humour whilst keeping a sense of responsibility. I was so impressed that in the end I asked to undertake an errand of the utmost responsibility: walking my dog Aka. I trusted him with my house keys and I can confirm that Aka loved him thus why I strongly recommend this  service! It is reliable, carried out by someone you can trust, with the added advantage of being able to move around fast (two wheels only!).

Errands / Animals

Alexandre Ferreira

Trainee at a Hotel

Thank you. Congratulations on the excellent service, friendliness and attention.

Errands / Surprises

Ana Churro

Communication Consultant

The best errands service I’ve ever come across! Thank you 'Moço de Recados'!

Errands / Surprises

Sónia de Sá

Procurement Director

I needed to sort out all the necessary permits for my cats to be able to join me abroad, and because I was outside the country at the time, I needed a helping hand! 'Moço de Recados' handled everything efficiently, including sticking to the challenging time constraints! :)

Errands / Bureaucracy

Sandra Russo

Administration Secretary

I used  the 'Moço de Recados' services to deliver a surprise gift! It was a flawless service, from the phone ordering to the delivery act. Thank you!!

Errands / Surprises